… I’ve been thinking, in a meditative sort of way, of little haiku and other poetic snippets during this strange time. So I’ll be dumping a few odd lines here, from time to time, in order to focus and quiet my mind. You are cordially invited to do the same, should you wish to. If we already work together, you have the necessary access. If we don’t work together, hit me up, and I’ll let you in to post.

For the unfamiliar, a note on the phrase “code is poetry”. This is a sentiment/tagline/phrase we use in the WordPress community to express our attitude toward code, and perhaps our aspirations around it too: that it be beautiful, that it be meaningful and that it “work” in more senses than just the obvious one. In the words of one known to many:

I think of coding not just as a means to an end but a craft in and of itself that can exhibit beauty, not just utility.

May whatever meaning emerge from this possibly pointless exercise that the universe intends.